Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Becoming a little girl...

Hayden asked begged me for weeks and weeks to get her ears pierced. I had purposely not gotten them done when she was a baby because I wanted it to be something that was special for her. I wanted her to get them when she wanted them, if she wanted them. I truly thought she would be at least 5 years old before the subject of earrings came up. I underestimated my Princess.

I finally brought her to the mall to get them done. I'm pretty sure she went from 3 to 13 that day. She was such a grown up girl and so proud of herself for being able to do something that big girls do. The gal piercing her ears explained the process and Hayden sat nodding and listening. Of course, she picked out the most sparkly pink flower earrings they had to be her first!

She's growing up so much, and although I'm not ready for it, I love watching her blossom. ♥

I Want a Million Dollars...

I need a million dollars so I have time to keep up with blogging, which I really love to do. Writing has always been a favorite past time. It calms, it soothes and it makes me happy. Kind of like my girls although I'm not so sure I'd use their names in the same sentence as calm or soothe. o.O

The winter has been a blur with hardly any snow. Since my last post, Hayden turned 3 and Lucy turned 2. Hayden has become a little girl and Lucy is in the full throes of toddlerhood. She kind of rocks it.

The Scream

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