Thursday, October 28, 2010


After having been asleep for several hours, there are nights when Hayden just wants to be sure of us. The following dialogue has occurred on more than one occasion, usually between the hours of 1:30AM - 4:00AM.

Hayden: "MOMMA! MOMMA! MOMMA!!!!"
Me: "Shhhhhhhhh...Hayden, what?"
Hayden: "Daddy s'eepin'." (this is a statement, not a question)
Me: "Uh huh"
Haydem: "Lulu s'eepin'"
Me: "Uh huh"
Hayden: "Momma? No s'eepin'??"
Me: "Hayden...time to go back to bed."
Hayden: "K." <pause> "Momma!?"
Me: "What, honey?"
Hayden: "I s'eep."
Me: "Ok, good night."
Hayden: "BUH-BYE!!!! BYE MOMMA!!!! BYEEE!!!!"


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

First there were two...

I don't really know when exactly I became a mother of two little girls. I swear it was just yesterday that my husband and I were gallivanting through Floral Park Basin in Glacier National Park...bushwhacking our way across a 21 mile dayhike without a care in the world other than getting to town for pizza and beer at Moose's Saloon.

But here I am. A mother of a beautiful little 2 year old (Hayden) and a spunky little 9 month old (Lucy). They are 16 months apart and full of happiness, stubbornness, and spunk. They are most definitely the product of both my husband and I.

I realized I needed a place to document the good, the bad and the ugly. Who has time for handwritten journals and scrap-booking when I am busy chasing the two fastest toddlers on the face of this planet? 

I haven't sat down in weeks.
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