Thursday, June 7, 2012


*THUD* is the sound that Hayden's face makes when it hits the floor. A couple of nights ago she fell out of bed. I heard the *thud* and then the crying which turned from regular crying to "owie crying" really fast. I got out of bed to find she met me in the hallway and she was covered in blood.

Don't freak out, don't freak out, don't freak out.

Blood in her hair, all over her face, down her chin, in her hair, all over her pretty little Tinkerbell nightgown, all over her hands. Poor little blond waif standing in front of me bleeding out and she says "Momma, I didn't do anything. I wasn't jumping on the bed." Ughhhhh break my heart!

We got her cleaned up in the bathroom and discovered the source was a bloody nose and two split lips. Poor little munchkin. She must have completely broken the fall with that sweet face. She whimpered, more because she was scared than hurt, but she held the cold washcloth to her face to keep the bleeding contained. After a change of clothes and a drink of milk, she snuggled back into bed with her bloodstained hair wrapped into a bun on the top of her head. She fell back asleep in no time flat.

In the morning, she was...puffy. Her little Angelina-like lips are big to begin with. The instant you add any type of injury or dry skin, they POOF beyond belief. She almost looks like a Toddler & Tiara contestant that some crazy-ass stage mom injected with Botox.

Smoochy smoochy
She kept bugging out here eyes when I tried to take a picture. This was actually the evening following the night she fell. I loaded them up with Lansinoh ointment because I find it to be a miracle cure. Poor little Nut.

They were better this morning...and she's happy, she got some Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie ice cream out of the deal.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Catching up: Lucy

One of the many things that my girls have been addicted to lately is movies. I think it's because they finally understand them and relate to them. So I bought Annie because as a child, I adored the singing! I remember sitting on the swing in my front yard belting out "The Sun Will Come out Tomorrow" at the top of my lungs, 100% secure in the knowledge that someone would walk by and think I was the girl that played Annie because I was that good.  But I digress...

Lucy loves Annie too. I never realized how much she understood until the other day when I insisted that she pick up what was on the floor before we left the house. She bent at the waist, jutted her little butt out in the air and taunted me with "I love you, Miss Hannigan".  :::deep breath, try not to laugh:::

My child is a smart ass. I don't know where she gets it from.

My child is also smart, and refuses to be outdone by her big sister. Case in point: The Pledge of Allegiance.

Oh, she is a force to be reckoned with, this one!

Someone at work told me that ever famous person she knows has "larger than average" heads. Well, Miss Lucy and her 96th percentile melon might just be Queen of the World one day if that true. I don't know a lot of two year old kids but I do know that this one has amazing comedic timing, a flare for fashion, a killer grin and the ability to make anyone I know burst out laughing. She is far from serious.

Given her way, she'd spend her life outside. Nobody loves dirt and grass more than Lucy. She always wants to walk and hike and "go fast, Daddy, go fast!"

 She's going to be great fun this summer.

Catching up: Hayden

I've so been slacking on the blogging for these two and I really need to get better about it! Let's see if I can remember some highlights of conversations: 


Suddenly this little Miss is infatuated with all things poop. You are a poopy butt, you have poop, you're a poopyhead. Any word combined with "poop" is now the best. word. ever. 

She has become a radio personality! Yes, she made her on-air debut a few weeks ago by reciting the Pledge of Allegiance on 106.3 The Bear. I was proud of her but she was SO pleased with herself, it made me want to cry! She spent about a week learning this and did amazingly well. It's something that every little kid should learn, and although we are still working on the meaning, I'm proud of her for knowing the words. 


 She ROCKS!!! 

In other news, she has become a rather funny little kid and tries so hard to be grown up. Occasionally she will melt down completely and give herself a headache. When she calms down, trying to catch her breath, she will tell me "I just want to be a big girl". It breaks my heart. But mostly, she is funny. She loves Lucy to bits and then tries to push her down the stairs. Ahhhh...siblings...something I never had the pain joy of experiencing. 

Conversation the other day: 

Lucy to Hayden: "You tell me what to do!" 
Hayden in response: "Cereally? CEREALLY? That is not 'ceptable Lucy. I am not the boss." 

She completely missed out on a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity there to tell Lucy EXACTLY what to do and Lucy probably would have done it. I realized when she said "cereally" that perhaps I may say overuse my sarcastic tone of  "seriously???" a wee too often. She said it pretty much dead on as to how I would. But, cereally, I should tone it down a bit, huh? 

Last night I was slathering Desitin on Lucy's tiney little raw hiney and Hayden stood next to me watching. She finally looked at me with a completely befuddled expression and asked "Momma? Why are you putting sour cream on Lucy's butt?" 

Sour cream indeed.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Shit she gets from her Dad

I was in my bedroom and I heard some bustling around in the kitchen. You know that sound. It's the "kids getting into shit they shouldn't get into" sound that is deafeningly quiet. Right, that one.

So I hear it and I yell "Hayden! What are you doing?"

"I'm getting a drink of milk!"

Uh-oh. I don't need a gallon of 2% all over the kitchen floor so I run to the kitchen. When I get there, she's putting the milk away already. I notice that there are no cups anywhere. Not on the counter and not in the sink, not even on the floor. So I ask the obvious "did you get a drink?"


Ok ... "Will you show me how you got a drink?"

 Oh, right.

She probably saw me doing that with the wine...
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