Saturday, November 17, 2012

"I'm sorry, Momma"

"I'm sorry Momma, but I think that Cinderella is my mother."


Well...bibbity bobbity boo to you too, kiddo.

Cat-Griz Game: EAT CHIPS!

Montana State Bobcats vs. University of Montana Grizzlies - the longest running rivalry in college football. There is no love lost at all between these two.

With Brad being an MSU alum (with both is undergrad and Masters from there), we are most definitely a Bobcat household. It's not a far cry for me to root for them as my college mascot was also the Bobcats. 

Our girls, since pretty much Day 1, have been clad in MSU Bobcat gear. 

Lucy ~ our Montana State Cutie...
It's all sweet. :)

Go Cats!

There's also a little cheer that the MSU folks do about the Griz. A little something like "Eat shit Grizzlies, GO CATS GO!" 

Of course we had to teach our girls...but we did adjust the words ever so slightly...because it's not totally appropriate to teach them to curse. It's always better when they learn that by example...haaaa

Hayden last year: 

And both of the girls this year: 


Great Moments in Parenting, right? 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Haircuts & Happy Meals

Back in the spring, Hayden had gotten her hair trimmed. She'd never had one so she had about 4 inches chopped off to get it nice and healthy. Her hair is beautiful and silky and long. She's good about pulling her hair up to brush teeth, eat, dance, et cetera. 

Lucy? Not so much. Every day since her hair was long enough, I have pulled it back in a rubber band. And every day that I did that, she took it out within 30 minutes. Unlike Hayden, Lucy's hair does not fall beautifully to the side of her face in a natural part and wave. Lucy's just straggles and hangs in her eyes, her snot, her mouth, her food, stuck to her get the picture. 

I made a decision to take her for a haircut and install some bangs on that forehead of hers. I spoke of sparkles, juice, and a treasure chest of goodies that the Salon offers good little girls who sit still in the chair. Hayden remembered this and told Lucy all about it.

"You have to sit still because she has scissors and you will cut your ear if you don't sit still. I got a beaUTIFUL pink butterfly ring because I was a good girl and sat still all by myself!"  Half truth. She was not well behaved at all and she sat on my lap the whole time.

As we sat on the couch waiting for Lydia the Haircutting-Cutter (Hayden's term), the girls were kind of quiet and checking things out. Finally Lydia said "who wants to be first?" 

Lucy: "I DO!!! It's MY turn and I go FIRST!!!" And off she ran, hopped up into the chair and immediately sat still and straight. 

Off goes the back scraggle.
wtf. I can never get her to sit still.

This salon is awesome - it's very shabby chic inside and it changes every time I go in. It is in an old warehouse and very "shabby chic". They do the coolest things! Plus, the staff is amazing and they pamper you. But anyhoo...

Lucy kept a constant eye on the mirror and what Lydia was doing. 

See? Shabby chic. Just like Lucy.

When the cutting was done, Miss Lucy had some rockin' bangs, a shoulder length bob, a pound of silver sparkles in her hair and a new semblance to Cleopatra. 

Queen of Denial.
I have to get use to it. Cutting her hair made me want to drink massive quantities of wine. She looks adorable but she looks so different. Older, wiser, more mischievous (oh shit).

Hayden had a quick trim and also received a pound of sparkles (which are now all over Brad and Brad's truck). 

No bangs for THIS ballerina.
I had promised Happy Meals if they behaved in the salon...secretly hoping they would not behave. They chose this night to behave and were rewarded with Happy Meals and time to play in the McD's playhouse thingy.

Bad idea. SCREAMING children everywhere. Mine refused to wear the required socks because they were slippery. At one point Lucy was stuck in the very top, looking out of the plastic window banging and crying "MOOOOMMMMMAAAAA!" Fortunately, a sweet older girl went up and got her for me. We didn't stay long after that.

That place makes me itch.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Crazy = NOT contained

New favorite past time for my fearless little monsters:


At least Brad knew Hayden was coming this time around. Usually there's no warning.

And how she doesn't just go from one cast to the next is beyond me...

Saturday, November 3, 2012

America's Next Top Model


Playing a game.

A game called "America's Next Top Model". Makes my hair turn gray just thinking about it.

"Only four of you remain..."
For the record, that little blue dress on Hayden is not suppose to show toddler-cleavage like that. She totally has it on backwards.

Good thing she's cute.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Trick or Treat, smell my feet...

Can't decide on a costume? Wear them all! Or at least have a daytime option and then a nighttime one. The girls decided to wear one outfit to daycare/school and another for Trick or Treating would be a good idea. I wasn't opposed to this since they are inside during the day but late fall in Montana can  be chilly in the winter.


Never roam alone.
Lucy was ROCKING the garden gnome outfit. It could possibly be the most perfect costume ever for her. Hayden opted for La la Loopsy but got pissy and did not want her picture taken so she's sulking with a bag of Goldfish. 

Moving on to the evening wear: 

Cupcake. Firewoman.
Hayden's mood improved significantly when she realized that a candy windfall was imminent. Of course, getting her to stand up straight and smile is impossible. 

Ok, she's standing up straight and semi-smiling. Lucy's hat didn't quite stay on her head though. Not much stays on a head that's in the 97th percentile for size. (I totally pushed that thing out - screaming the entire time)

Firetruck say "WOO WOO"!!!
Brad pimped her Radio the last minute. Hence the garden fire hose and 4 foot ladder on the 3 foot truck. She also had blinking red lights. I don't look forward to the day when things like this no longer get the "OMGSOEXCITINGILOVEITSOMUCH" reaction that this did. 


Sugar 'em up and let 'em loose.

The Reese's Peanut butter Cups were confiscated. I believed them to be a danger to my beautiful children so I sacrificed myself and ate them. 


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